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      Hi All. I had to take my studio apart and now i build it again.

      But my Routing is not working and its in Demo mode all the time. I have H800FW and i am using a FW cable, The Eventide Dice is recognizing the machine with no problem. Other then that i only use Analog Inputs/Outputs. I don't know why its stop working, can any one help with that? Thank you Tomer.

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      Eventide Staff

      I assume that you refer to the Routing Utility.

      Check that Comms Config is set up properly and your cables are good.  Make sure that MIDI Sysex ID is set to 1, and that baud rates agree if using serial. You should see the BUSY light near the card slot flash every few seconds.

      If you are using FireWire MIDI, make sure you have the latest drivers.

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      Thanks, Its working now. I must say i dont know what happend 🙂


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