Routing utility 2.8 with H8000FW on lion 10.7.2?

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      I have recently switched to mac so there may be something lacking in my mac knowledge here but I can't get routing utility 2.8 working on my mac mini server 2011 running lion 10.7.2.

      I have everything else working ok with the H8000FW running 5.6B1 SW and matching mac driver.

      I can see the busy light blinking when I try to go on-line using either the Dice midi port or an external midi interface but it goes into off-line mode after a few blinks. "Cannot connect Going to local mode" 

      I can get other midi messages working both ways with both Dice and my external interface so the problem isn't the midi connections/devices. Anyone got this working?



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      Ok. Reinstall of 5.6B1 on the machine made it work! Don't know what it really was since I checked installed version number and everything before. I was extra careful to make sure a clear setup was performed this time. Might have missed it the last time.

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