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      I'm going to give it another shot (again):

      Oke here is my setup:

      Prism Sound orpheus
      PC XP proff sp 2 32 bits
      DAW: Nuendo (Cubase has same setups)

      This is what I'm trying to get:

      * I'm on a pc xp proff
      * I'm using the H8000FW ONLY as a fx processor
      * I dont have plans for setting the H8000FW up as an soundcard
      * Only wanna use my H8000FW as an FX processor (not as a soundcard/ASIO).
      * Only for studio (not for live).
      * I'm very much for one of the most easy way of: working,connection,use and so on.
      * Going too use most of the time standard presets/algohrimes and tweak rarely.
      * Not interested in developing my own: algohrimes,fx,rountings in this stage so far.
      * Most of the time vocals use. I dont' mind monitoring/rec totall dry and unprocesseted at all.
      * Only whant too use the effects as a send/return in Nuendo on (most of the time) group tracks or aux busses/send (special FX channel) after the recording.
      * I do/will do vocal work with: doubles,triples,harmonic parts and so on (8-40 channels totall vocal mix).

      Which settngs/routings will fit my needs the most?

      I would like to go for the FW option (one of the main reason why I puchased the FW version, instead of the other option).

      But (again) since my Orpheus is the main ASIO, I'm affraid that my PC is going to see the H8000FW as a second ASIO (I only whant the effect use).

      1. I've heard different stories so far: so my finall question is: Is my H8000FW going to be a second ASIO or does a pc normally sees it as a other type of protocol, when I'm going to use it as an fx processor? In that case I'm connecting it by FW, which is likely to me the most easy and simpel connection the make, to me I think. And make a vst track in Nuendo and route to an aux bus send or so.

      2. Can I've have direct audio/communication/fx streaming with FW ( )? Or do I have to route it to for instance; analog cables or so? So say; FW FW?

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      most DAW software do not allow multiple FW drivers for different devices to run together, unless some kind of "aggregation" function is provided. This is available in ProTools and Logic. So it may be a problem to run your 2 devices together on FW. Referring to Nuendo and Prism Sound or any Pro Audio forum on the internet may be a very useful thing to do.

      Your other option is to use the H8000 via AES/EBU or ADAT, which are both excellent ways to work with, as they do not put any load on your computer hardware and software.

      all the best


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