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      Hello Italo,

      I know this is a manual thing, but right now I don't have the oppertunnity for acess my manual since I'm re-connecting things right now.

      * How can I run 8 channels at once, besides adat (limted to 48khz for all 8 channels and 96 khz for 96khz)?
      * Is it right that I can run 2 channels by adat with max. 192 khz?
      * FW can run 8 channels into the computer with a limited 96 khz?
      * Can I also run 8 channels I/O by AES (XLR connectors)?

      I want to get this clear for now. Thanx very muh for your time.

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      8 channels can be run via ADAT (limited to 48 KHz- only 4 channels at 96!), AES-EBU (up to 96KHz), FireWire.

      The H8000 does *not* offer 192KHz sampling rate.

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