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      I have the H8000FW and an audio interface (Edirol M16-DX).  I'm running Cubase 4 on WinXP. I've got the Edirol as my audio interface with ASIO drivers. I want to use the H8000FW as an overall FX box, not as an audio interface (although if possible that would be even better). But I realized that Windows XP is only capable of running one ASIO interface at one time (unlike Mac with its aggregate audio capability).  Is there any solution to this?  (I want to connect the H8000FW to Cubase 4 via firewire)
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      P.S.: Update: (Another Problem): I can't even install the H8000FW Dice/Driver now. Everything seems fine, and installed exept the dice software doesn't see the H8000FW and it's not appearing under my audio devices in the control panel. I turned off Edirol audio interface during the installation and followed all the instructions as described in the manual. I didn't uninstall the Edirol drivers though. Could that be the problem (the driver conflict between Edirol and the H8000FW)?  Please Help.

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      Kinda hard for us to diagnose from here.

      I would suggest you physically disconnect all other FireWire devices, uninstall the H8000, power down computer, power up, re-install H8000 drivers, then see what happens.

      Probably best to power up the H8000 first before the computer. I assume you are using the latest drivers.

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      I'll document this in the near future.

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      Please do

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      Eventide Staff

      ASIO4ALL will combine multiple WDM devices and present an ASIO interface, so would appear useful.

      Does anyone have experience using this with multiple devices ? What sort of latency performance do you get ?

      Cubase also has a thing they call "ASIO Multimedia Driver" which will support multiple devices. Anyone know what this is and how it performs ?

      As you can tell, I know more about our products than about PCs. Yawn.

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