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      Sonic Nomad

      S/PDIF 3&4 causes broken and garbled signal when using a different sample rate to the H8000. The same signal on S/PDIF 1&2 is fine. Setting SRC Mode on/off makes no difference.
      This is usually when the H8000 has an internal clock rate of 48k and the incoming signal is 44.1k. When both are at 44.1k both S/PDIF 1&2 and ?&4 sound fine.
      Would like to make use of S/PDIF 3&4 in with it's ability to route directly to Firewire Outs. Using S/PDIF 1&2 nows uses up a main I/O.

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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry – S/PDIF 3&4 do not have sample rate conversion.

      The only inputs with sample rate conversion are AES1-4, and hence S/PDIF 1&2.

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