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      I looked but I’m still confused by some answers I saw, so bear with me for a second.

      1. I already have a H9 Max and now added a brandnew H9 core. As expected, it loads all algorithms once registered and connected. But it still powers up as a “core” – as expected. Now, if I understand correctly, I can go to “Restore Purchases” and it will turn officially into a Max just as if I had maxed it out with purchases, right?

      What exactly is the benefit as far as using the device, say at practice, when I don’t have an internet connection? And just to reconfirm: if I can turn it into a Max like this it’s the only time I can do this – even if I were to buy another core or two later on? Should I wait a few weeks making sure there is no technical issue? What happens in case of a warranty problem after converting a core to a max?

      2. How reliable is renaming these two devices? If I use the rename feature in the H9 Control app on a Mac will it automatically update the recognized deivces on my iPhone? I’m just asking because I’ve had issues with my Mac before where it wouldn’t find my H9 after I “upgraded” to OSX Sierra. 


      Unrelated and in case anyone cares:

      I got the second H9 as an actual addition to a (hopefully) small pedalboard to go in front of my amps. The other one I have is now used in a small rack for my “backup rig” in conjunction with a Mesa Mark IV combo and a Strymon Timeline, both in the loop of the amp, mostly covering the basics.

      While playing around with the more exotic stuff and the harmonizer effects in particular I figured it would be nice to have some of those available with my main rig as well. And I never really looked at the distortion effects before since in the loop they didn’t make any sense (and I didn’t want to deal with the pre/post 4-cable setup). 







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      7enderbender wrote:

      Now, if I understand correctly, I can go to "Restore Purchases" and it will turn officially into a Max just as if I had maxed it out with purchases, right?

      No, that's not correct.  The only way you can officially turn an H9 Core into a Max is by maxing it out through algorithm purchases.  Here are details on the MaxOUT program:

      If you have a Max and a Core registered to the same account, you can use the algorithms from the Max on the Core, but the Core remains a Core.

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