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      I would like to use a pedal to send the same message to another device in addition to the Eclipse.  I can tell the second device to pay attention to any CC.  So, question is: is there a way to output movements of the pedal in the form of a CC?  Let's say I am controlling wet/dry mix in the eclipse.  Does this translated into a CC that can be output from Eclipse Midi out?  Or, is there another way to "convert" Exp Pedal to CC out? 


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      Alas not – Eclipse has many options for MIDI In, but less for MIDI Out.

      You could either use a dedicated MIDI Pedal, a pedal input on a MIDI pedalboard, or a pedal controller such as that by MIDI Solutions which will cconvert from pedal in to MIDI CC out.. None of these are unduly cheap, however.

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