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       Planning on getting an Eclipse soon and I had two questions.  First, on the Factor pedals, you set the source audio to different instruments, presumably to give more accurate frequency ranges for them (which would be handy for envelope or octaver effects).  I'm a bassist, and didn't find a similar source selection in the Eclipse manual, so I was curious if there was a global setting that could be made to optimize this.  Also, I was wondering if it was possible to set a footswitch to switch between wet/dry parameters without changing algorithms.  I use a blender pedal to control the wet/dry of my stompboxes, and as I can't use it  with rack effects, it would be nice to have the same capability of quickly switching between 100% wet and 50/50 wet/dry when I want to help maintain low end.

      Thanks so much for your time,


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      Hi Bryan

      Eclipse uses XLRs for balanced to balanced or balanced to unbalanced connections (useful for unbalanced gtr/bass gear) for +4dB line level signals, that is what you get by placing the Eclipse in a correctly designed amp FX loop or after a preamp. The 1/4" I/Os work on -10/-20dB instrument level signals, to plug in directly. So you get everything you need in this area. The unit can interface to just about anything.

      Yes…the system dry/wet setting can be modulated by any external source, including pedals, footswitches and MIDI CCs. This can also be accomplished in any preset, instead of system.



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      Great- thanks for the response. 

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