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      Hi! Congrats on releasing the H9000R, as it’s a fantastic piece of gear. I’ve been excited to hear the benefits of upgrading from two H9’s to the H9000R library of FX chained together. So many good sounds to discover.

      One issue that I’ve run into, that I haven’t been able to figure out with the manual or by looking through answers on the forum, is how to set the sample rate in the Emote application or in the USB driver, when connected to a Windows 10 system. Luckily, I was able to connect everything to my Mac, and change the sample rate there, but I haven’t had any luck on the Windows side. It seems as though the Windows USB driver is reading the sample rate from the H9000R, but not able to change it. In the Emote app, I set everything to use the ADAT connection, and use the Word Clock settings to set the sync, but there’s no place to change the sample rate, once those are set. At least, that’s my perception. Maybe I’m not seeing it or it’s hidden somewhere else. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for the help.

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      I should’ve waited an hour to send this! 🙂  I was able to find the settings in Control Panel -> Sound -> H9000 -> Properties -> Properties -> Advanced.  Hopefully this helps someone else searching for the settings.

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      That's a pretty deep dive into the Control Panel!  We will add it to the documentation.  Glad that you found it and that you are enjoying the H9000R.

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