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      Citrus Fresh

      Hi Eventide experts!

      Im very new to the digital world so please bare with me.

      In my current setup I'm using an rme ufx as my interface. It's running

      at 44.1, it's acting as my master clock. I

      have an adi-8 connected using the ufx adat I/o port 1.

      i want to set up the h8000fw on the adat port 2.

      can anyone walk me through it?

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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry – this is too big an issue for this forum. I would suggest that you first read the User Manual from cover to cover.

      Then, if there is anything specific that you don't understand, please come back. Alternatively, you may want to find a local tech to help.

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      Citrus Fresh

      Hi there.
      The manual is very comprehensive and clearly aimed at those with experience of using digital audio.

      as stated in my post, I am a n00b in this area and would appreciate some help.

      i feel your somewhat dismissive reply of 'rtfm' falls way below what I would expect, having

      just spent thousands on your flagship product.

      In a market where hardware effect unit sales continue to plummet do you really think

      this is the way to engage with those who have chosen to support Eventide?

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      Eventide Staff

      Apologies – I knew you would feel like that, but could not reply otherwise. We really can't handle such a large subject here.

      Please try and express specifically what you don't understand and we will try and help. We put a lot of time and thought into the User Manual – you will do best to study it. Having done this, you will understand some of it and not understand other parts. We can then try and help you with the parts that confuse you.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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