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      So, I have built myself a FM synthesizer with 6 operators in VSig. It's still in the works, the algorithm is not that complex, although it appears to be.

      I would like to find a way to compute the Index of FM for each oscillator (operator). The index = frequency deviation / frequency of the modulating oscillator. The Oscillator module has an audio input to modulate its frequency and a control input to adjust the depth. I can use a C_A to convert the signal to audio, and then route a.) the converted signal for depth (deviation) and b.)the frequency of the operator into a Divide module. So, the questions are:

      A. How do I route the output of the Divide module into a Menupage module, so that I can see the computed index?

      B. As it is, the index is computed, but is there a way to insert directly a ratio, like 4:3, into the oscillator?



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      A post for the Vsigfile folder, actually.

      You can't route anything to a menupage unless a module has the proper connection for UI. You may probably want to connect some kind of monitor to the DIVIDE to have something that can be brought up on a menupage.

      Don't think you can add a ratio to the oscillator. This may probably be done after it, using math/control math modules, if useful at all.



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      Could you share this Id LOVE to try this out, does it work in Vsig3?

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