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      I have noticed that there exists a small delay in several presets on the H-8000FW before the actual effect kicks in. I.e. in #524 (I think it's ping-pong delays – I am not sure because I am not in front of my H-8000FW) there is such a small delay. Are these presets meant to work in parallel with the dry signal? I mean this is the only way it makes sense: the dry signal with no delay (hopefully) and then the wet signal with the delay.

      I suppose it's just a simple case of adding a mixer in the VSig to modify the preset, right?


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      Hi Yannis

      most presets do not have the dry signal; this can be easily aded via the system wet/dry mix. Generally pro_setups use time domain fx in parallel.

      You can also add a dry signal by:

      -adding an I to O direct connection in the routing scheme

      -adding a mixer in the algorithm (Vsigfile).

      all the best

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