So what’s V4 like for non guitar use?

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      Sonic Nomad

      Yup, I'm back.

      Some of you will remember me a former H8000 FW owner. I had to unfortuinatly let go of my unit due to financial obligations 🙁

      This morning I came across the press release on Gearslutz relating the the version 4 upgrade.

      By no means do I expect the Eclipse to match the H8000 but am sure it will offer some very nice processing options. I really need to get something to er… tide me over till I can afford an H8000 again.

      Please post your opinions.

      If you want to listen to the kind of stuff I do and hear to tracks that feature H8000 processing then check out the first two tracks on

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      Sonic Nomad

      Sorry that was the wrong link to the music I was referring to.

      Here's the correct link;

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      Welcome back, David!

      hope you are better.

      I listened to the 2 tracks and hear nothing you couldn't do with an Eclipse, as far as what can be understood from the audio. There are many exotic effects and very good reverbs on the unit. You may need to apply effects in different takes, given the lower dsp power and number of I/Os…but definitely the sound and the algorithms are there.


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