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      I'm a lot into creating strange ethereal/ambiant fxs & the astral tider is quite a good candidate at this.

      I did quite a few good presets but i have the feeling to repeat myself at the art of chaining Fxs .

      So i'm looking to new strategies , new ideas, such as which Fxs i could chain in order to obtain some strange effects ?

      The Modulation's possibilities of the Eclipse is a good way i know in order to hear the sound "moving" but what i'm after right now is again some new ways of chaining program fxs in order to hear some new things.

       Any help appreciated !

      Cheers !


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       there is no cool effect without a sound source in mind!


      So many sounds in the real world can be processed to get amazing new stuff.

      Real life sounds…that's what I'm talking about.

      You can process them thru resonators and/or ring modulation to have tuned results.

      A scratch on a rough surface or on muted gr/bass string, going thru multitap delays is a sonic universe.

      Once you have sonic sources on your computer, you can try fx parameters modulation w/CC; if you have a way to randomize these…it's cool. Or have lfos sweeping CCs at different speeds (still in your computer if software allows…the H_family tides allow this internally_w/Vsig brain action!!!). Beware of extreme values for parameters that can cause "problems" like a feedback at %.

      Chaining FX

      -put a modfilter after reverb

      -put ringmod after reverb and let a long tail ring thru the wild thing

      -put distortion after delays

      -..try it after reverb too

      -kill dry sounds..and only listen to processed deformations

      -try using a mixer with different fx units on separate Aux Sends/Returns; then send an fx to another, and to another…and maybe try to loop it back to itself after other processes, with moderation on levels as feedback may occur

      -go to the beach!



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