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      I love Eventide since forever (or since my old DSP4000 made VSIG the only thing for me).  Today my main machine is my H8000FW (that I upgraded from Orville to H8000A to H8000FW).  I'm writing because this week, since I upgraded my H8000FW from OS 5.2 to 5.3, I finally found the time to reproduce this behavior I've seen in previous versions, I'm only reproducing it here now.

      My favorite SETUP is this –
      – I select ROUTING to the factory "12 ADAT 1-2".
      – I select SETUP clock to incoming ADAT (supplied by my TC Electronic Gold Channel).
      – I select BYPASS of both machine and system to "dsp bypass".
      – I select LEVELS to remote the outputs Post D/A Gain to Pedal 1.
      – The Pedal 1 jack is wired to a 10K pot on my rack front panel.

      I saved that in the SETUP Storage area.
      And for this report, DSP A and B have the default "10 H8000 Banks".
      Now I'll try clearing the presently loaded SETUP two ways –

      – On the SETUP [service] page, I select "clear setup".
      – The EXT LED flashes because there's no sync.
      – The SETUP clock page shows source Internal.
      – The BYPASS reverts to the factory default "system: rly bypass".
      – The LEVELS outputs page shows Post D/A gain does not respond to Pedal 1.

      Good, that cleared the loaded SETUP!
      Then I can reload my favorite SETUP, then everything works fine!

      – I hold the SETUP key held down on startup (until it says "Release key now").
      – The EXT LED is still solid because the sync to ADAT is still fine.
      – The SETUP clock page shows clock source is still ADAT.
      – The BYPASS still has my setting "system: dsp bypass".
      – The LEVELS outputs page shows Post D/A Gain still responds to my pot.

      So I find that starting up my H8000FW with the SETUP key held down has no effect.  That's OK for me, but for people trying to report a problem, if they report they did a clear SETUP, maybe their actions didn't clear the presently loaded SETUP if they really used the startup SETUP key option.

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      HI Dave

      hope you are well!

      I believe you are pressing the SETUP key too early. As soon as the unit boots, its first tests are the front panel keys. If  it feels a pressed & held key it's being interpreted as a broken/shorted or held one…thus the unit prompts to "release the key now"…otherwise it enters tests mode if the key is still held.

      You have to press SETUP after the keys tests, that is when you read "H8000FW" on the display. This will lead to the Clear Setup prompt.

      Is this what is happening?



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      Hello Italo, your description is exactly right, and now I see the operating manual already describes this exactly right (from the 5.3 operating manual, p. 154):

      There are several "secret keys" that can be depressed during startup to perform special functions.  These keys should be pressed and held down during the second "startup screen" – the one with the "H8000FW' in large text.  You can release the key once the appropriate "special screen" appears.

      So I was doing it wrong!  And thank you for your bonus insight about the tests the H8000FW is doing during the first startup screen (before the second startup screen that says "H8000FW").  The H8000FW is necessarily complicated to be as flexible as it is, but it's always very logical (especially since Orville OS 3 collected the clock page of parameters in the SETUP area).

      Long story short — the startup options work the way you say!


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