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      I am starting to redesign my guitar rig and the goal is to have a setup that set works both in the studio as a wet/dry/wet system (with stereo FX for Eventide rack unit) and for live gigs as a mono setup. The Eventide (most likely a H9000R) would be mounted in a rack.
      My question simply is whether there is a way with VSig / Emote, to program an Eventide unit such that if I have two cables plugged in the analog outputs then the patches are stereo, but if I only have a cable plugged in the left output, then the patches automatically sum the stereo output into the left mono?
      Most electronic instruments have L-R Stereo or Left-Mono output so I’m trying to do the same.

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      There's no plug-detection functionality on the H9000's jacks, so it wouldn't be quite so automatic.  This should be achievable just by keeping 2 copies of your FX chains, though (one stereo and one summed mono).  Emote makes it very simple to adjust the output routing and save another preset with just a few clicks.

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