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      Hi,I still have my problem,

      with a Routing A-B,with Levels WET/DRY Dsp A and B at 50%,i run my bass into a preamp,then I go out with the Left and Right outputs of my preamp directly into the H8000FW Inputs,then i run the Outs of the H8000 directly into the frontal balanced Inputs of my 2 Combo bass amps.

      well,I've noticed this kind of problem,with the presets that I'll list,I'm able only to listen the sound Only on One of the 2 Amps,on the other amp there is No sound or,some few times,I listen only a very low volume

      this is the list of some presets that I've tested and tha give me this kind of problem:

      -218 Gorgeuos Delays



      (9115 AND 9115 work fine)

      -8530 Waves Place


      -6512 AMS DMX

      -6516 HAND FLANGER

      -6531 1980'S CHORUS


      is loaded only One preset in the DSP A

      how can I to solve this problem?

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      Eventide Staff

      Need more information:

      1) Exactly what routing are you using ?

      2) If the presets you mention are in DSP A, what is in DSP B ?

      3) Does this happen with all presets ? If not, give the numbers of some that are OK.

      4) Does this happen with the THRU preset ?

      5) Have you tried swapping amps/cables ?

      6) Presumably your bass is mono. Is your preamp mono out or stereo out ?

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      1) A-B routing(the first one in the routing list menu)

      2)The presets that I mentioned are in DSP A

      3)No,this doesn't happen with all presets,for instance,the group bank 66 Virtual Racks,works fine


      5) Yes,I tried to swap amps/cables,nothing changes,because If i do this,the same kind of      problem,move itself to right or to left

      6) yes my bass is mono,my preamp is an M AUDIO audio card,so,It has 8 inputs and 4 outs(balanced/unbalanced).I run my bass into one input of the M AUDIO and then,the signal comes out from the out 1 and 2 of the M AUDIO to go directly into the inputs of the H8000

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      1) I use the first Routing on the list of the menu routing page,that is A-B with 50% of Level on both    DSPs

      2) in DSP B there is No preset, it's in THRU 

      3) no,it's doesn't happen with all preset,for instance,all the presets of the Bank #66 Virtual Racks,work fine

      4) I don't remeber it,but yes it's very probabile that it happens with the TRHU too

      5) Yes,I've tried to swap the cable/amps,but without results,thus the problem move itself to left or to  right

      6) yes,my bass is mono.I use an M -AUDIO sound card like a preamp for my bass.I run my instrument into one of the inputs of the M-AUDIO and then the signal comes out from out 1 and out 2 of the sound card,to go directly into the inputs of the H8000FW

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      Eventide Staff

      I think that your problem is down to using a mono bass – you should get a stereo one. Ho-ho.

      The Bank 66 presets mix inputs left and right inputs and produce a stereo output. If these work, it means that your output connections are fine – the problem must be the input. Look at the input led meters and you will see (I think) that only one column is active, showing that you only have a single channel (mono) input. This would explain your problem.

      If this proves to be the case, you can fix it by either persuading your poreamp arrangement to produce a stereo output, or by changing the routing so that analog 1 feeds both dsp inputs.

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      yeah,thank you!

      I guess that it's caused from my mono bass signal,

      can you sugget me how  can i change the routing so that it will feeds both the dsp inputs?

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      Eventide Staff


      can you sugget me how  can i change the routing so that it will feeds both the dsp inputs


      Spend time reading the User Manual. This is always a good thing, but not everybody has that time.


      1) Load the "Analog A-B" routing you were using earlier

      2) setup/dsp a

      3) arrow down 4 times so that the line ending "IN2" is highlighted.

      4) press down arrow on numeric keypad once to that line reads "analog in 1 -> IN2"

      This will give you analog input 1 connected to the first two inputs (IN1 and IN2)on dsp A, which should be what you want.

      If you wanted to use (say) 4 channel presets, you could similarly connect analog 1 to IN3 and IN4.

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      ok,thank you,now everything works fine,

      about  the 4 channel presets matter,

      you say that if i connect the analog 1 to IN3 and IN4 i can use 4 channel presets.

      I would like to understand this in a better way,to use my H8000 at its best.

      With my bass,for instance,using this procedure with a preset like the #6537 2xTC2290s,could I connect the analog 1 to IN1,IN2,IN3 and IN4?

      also,with all the presets of the Bank #30 and #32,could I connect the analog 1 to IN1-IN8?

      do I need of mulitple speakers to can listen to the outputs of these 4 and more channel presets?

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      Eventide Staff

      You could connect your mono bass to IN1-8 if you wanted, using a similar approach to the one I describe. Also, if you are having trouble understanding the routing, try downloading the Routing utility from the H8000 support page.

      Listening to 8 channels is more difficult, unless you have a mixer or an 8 channel speaker system. You can mix 2 H8000 channels to each output channel using the routing, but you would still need 4 speakers. This part is up to you …

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      considering all the presets of the Bank #30 and #32,as well all other 4 out presets,there is a way that allows me to switch between the 1-8 Ins and 1-8 Outs of one of these presets?

      for instance,if we consider a 8 ins/outs preset like the #3009,it has 8 different kind of mono effects,how can I pass trough them almost in real time?I mean,as you explained me,I can route the analog 1 contemporaneously to all the 1-8 Ins,but I can listen to only first two outs,now my question is: can I do something of similar to change the analog 1 routing and listening  to the remaining 6 outs?

      thank you

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      Eventide Staff

      You can parallel inputs, but not outputs. If you want to listen to all the outputs you will need a suitable external mixer or multichannel sound system.

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