storing H8000 settings in a host sequencer?

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      Is there a technical limitation that prevents EControl from being released as VST?

      What motivates my question is that I often use the H8000 as an insert effect in VST chains. I usually save my h8000 settings to disk using VSIG, and then load them up in parallel with the track i'm working on. This gets tedious, as I often end up with multiple configurations per song.

      It would improve my workflow if I could load patches and parameter configurations via a VST insert, and have the patches/parameters saved right in the song as part of the VST state

      Instead I basically just keep a large list of vsig files like: "mysongname-mytracknumber-dspA.sig" that i load/manage in parallel with my host sequencer song.

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       We will consider VST in time, J.


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