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      I find the routing on the Emote app to be very intuitive and powerful. I know the H9000 front panel can never be as intuitive, but I would at least like to be able to do everything I can in Emote on the front panel in case I need to make adjustments on the road. Unfortunately I find it very difficult to use, in part due to strange behavior like I have demonstrated in this video:

      I’m trying to connect the THRU algorithm to Analog 2, but when done via the front panel it makes a completely different connection. Doing it via Emote works perfectly.

      It would be helpful if there was more documentation about how to use the expert router, perhaps with some examples.

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      Eventide Staff

      Thanks for reporting this, I can reproduce this behavior.

      We’d like to add improvements to the Expert Router in a future update, but I cannot provide any timeline for this. This is a low priority item compared to other more highly requested features from other H9000 users. For the most part, users will almost always be using Emote for routing since the interface is much quicker and easier.

      My best suggestion is to use Emote for all of your routing. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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      Thanks! Makes sense that you’d tackle things in order of priority. I do hope this eventually gets improved though, would be awesome to have proper parity between the front panel and app.

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