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      Hi there,

      The question is simple; can I use a Strymon pedal after the eventide eclipse?
      Two scenarios:

      1- series
      2- using a line mixer like the custom audio electronics in which the 1st mix (with the eventide) feeds the 2nd mix (with the Strymon)

      Also, can I use guitar pedals that accept line level (ex. Eventide stomp, H9’s, Strymon …) after a torpedo live line out then into a line mixer and finally through a owner amp? Kind of like replacing the 80s rack units with new pedals.


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      Eventide Staff

      I think you'll have to try it and see. Use the 1/4" jack outputs from the Eclipse to avoid balancing issues.

      Full level on the Eclipse will be more than the Strymon can handle, so you'll need to play with levels.


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