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      Hi.  At the risk of being in the minority, I have a product suggestion:  a moderatelty-priced studio harmonizer – sort-of in between an Eclipse and a PitchFactor – that doesn’t do a thousand things, and doesn’t cost a thousand bucks. Maybe two pitch shifters with delays and feedback, assignable to left or right stereo outs, for the amateur or semi-pro studio. With real-time knobs, for ease and simplicity. No other  effects necessary  (OK, maybe some modulation, for flanging) !   Thanks for considering.  – Rickee D

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      Have you looked at the Eventide H9 Core?  I would look at a pre-owned unit to ensure your budget requirements could be met.

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      great suggestions.


      i’d also love a H9.5 with two DSPs, each DSP can load any of the available algorithms, routing options with feedback, HP and LP filters in the feedback paths and digital I/O. controlled via the ingenious H9 control, a thing like this would sell, methinks. 

      BTW: The H9.6 would have 4 DSPs … 🙂

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