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      I've been running into this issue sometimes already and now took the time to investigate it. It's easy to achieve (v4.01):

      connect the eclipse via AES, 48kHz

      switch "digin" to XLR and "clock" to dig

      load a preset that is not 96kHz capable

      (everything is fine up to here)

      now switch "digin" to off (imagine next show, no digital console)

      Of course you have to change "clock" to int48 now, but as soon as you dial the encoder it gets to int96 and the whole device is frozen. Even turning power off and on does not help as it will boot into 96kHz mode and can't load the preset, so will freeze upon "loading preset".

      The only solution now is to do a factory reset by holding "setup" while powering the eclipse (took me a while to find out first time…)

      I realize that there are algorithms to make sure you don't load a 48k-preset while in 96k-mode, but they fail in this not so uncommon case.

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      Maybe a comment from Eventide on this…?

      Or am I supposed to write an E-Mail to support?


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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry – missed your initial post.

      Also sorry in that I can't duplicate the problem – my unit works as expected. You are probably supposed to write an E-Mail to support. If they cannot duplicate it, your unit will have to come in for service.

      Or, look for a workaround – might be cheaper and easier. Try setting the clock to int48 before you switch off the digin. You don't say which program you had loaded – this might be relevant.

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