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      Here's a problem I've had for ages:
      I've got a H8000fw connected to a Mac and use Cubase 4. I'm unable to sync the tempo. I've enabled the MIDI clock in C4, I can see the busy light going on – indication MIDI signals – on the H8000fw when I do this.
      Then I go to the tempo in setup, and set the source ot Midiclock.
      Nothing happens, tempo will incate whatever I indicated before.
      I remember having troubles with it when I used a PC before, but somehow I got it working at one point.

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      Hi Siem

      the presets showing T_Dly (delays) – T_Rate (LFOs) – T_Decay (Verbs) can be synced to MIDI Clock.

      These parameters need to be set to a rhythmic value (1/4 note, etc.) to be synced. If set to OFF, absolute time/speed values (milliseconds/Hz) will be used instead.

      Also make sure MIDI is enabled under SETUP > midi.


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