Sync noise 48k. Why can I only sync at 88k?

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      I am trying to sync my M-audio Project Mix soundcard to the eventide 8000 via wordclock and its hooked up optically with the Adat jack for the input.

      But I am only able to get proper operation at 88.2k.  I cannot sync the unit at 48 with the soundcard otherwise its a sound of digital chaos.  Only when I switch both the sound card and 8000 back to 88.2k can the sync happen.

      But I need to start recording music at 48k due to processing power limitations and space limitations.  Does this SMUX protocol only work at 88.2?

      Its with an Axe FX plugged in – with two XLR outs off the axe into ins 1 and 2. and both those channels going to the DAW.

      Please help.


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      Ok I just figured out its the 50ohm termination clip on the wordclock connector that was doing it… i took that off and it now syncs to 48k.  But before I did that I tried syncing to the wordclock of my Aphex 230 Channel preamp and it properly synced to the Aphex at 48k with the terminator on.   This is strange.

      Anyways why does the Eventide manual state to put the terminator on the wordclock cable if it wont work at 48 and only at 96 or 88?

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