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      Hi – I am using the latest mac pro and I am trying to make use all of the dump options in the Setip menu.

      1. When I try use to dump card – an error notice appears telling me that this card (its the original one that came with the machine) is protected from dumping – is there any way to unprotect this card so I can dump the data to my mac?

      2. when I use dump program – i can see that it transfers to my mac – but when I try to send it back to the H8000 – it doesnt make it :(( 

      I have Midi enabled and system exclusive turned on in the Setup Menu / device ID: 1 – what do I need to do to be able to dump the data back onto the H8000?


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      I again checked my Midi Interface connections and I saw thati had assigned the wrong Midi Channel. Now everything works as expected :))

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