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      What is the sysex command to "Get screen" from a H8000FW v5.3?

      Is it documented somewhere?


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      Eventide Staff

      It's too complex (compression, bitmap format, etc)  for public use so is not documented.

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      Oups, actually, I had not read the tech note 94 carefully enough, it's there: sysex message Screen_Want  0x18

      Thanks for the answer anyway, I'll look into reading the format by myself.

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      Just to give some information if someone wants to get the screenshot: tech note 94 is actually quite good on that point, and is the first reference to go to.

      The only information that's missing is how the graphic data itself is organized, and it's done quite logically: the screen size is 240*64. The pixels are coded in binary more (each pixel is on or off), and by groups of 4. The groups come in order from left to right, top to bottom (first line, then second line, etc.) And each group of 4 pixels comes as a number between 0 and 15, simple binary code (0 is 0 0 0 0, 4 dark pixels, 15 is 1 1 1 1, four bright pixels, e is 1 1 1 0).

      All the best.

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      sounds like you're going to make something interesting!

      could it be a Max patch that reads all kinds of info from an Eventide and analyzes the vsig data then changes it and saves it back to the Eventide. Based on that it makes a GUI on the computer so you can control all parameters of any program direct, perhaps? or is it something else?

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      Hi Siem,

      Well, my first goal was to get the sigfiles onto my computer (G4), so that I can open them in vsigfile (Virtual PC) because I didn't manate to have the serial communication work. I made already an importer (2 versions: one through the MIDI connection, one through the serial port with a Keyspan adapter).

      But while doing it, I realized that VSIGX had a "getscreen" command: I thought I would be fun to do that as well.

      Yes, I programmed this from within Cycling 74's Max / Jitter. The screen shot is a [jit.matrix 1 char 240 64].

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