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      I feel like with the amount of presets on this thing. A little more organization or tagging is in order.

      I think first off a favorites page in all categories well at least, in fx chains, and more importantly presets. Would be great and a great way to get to your most used presets. It would make building your own session, fx chains a lot easier

      Also maybe a tagging sysytem would be nice. To further categorize and organize the massive amount of stuff in the box.

      Ex: #dark reverb, #good for drums.

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      We talked about adding user defined tags; it's something we would like to support in a future release.  The H9000 does currently have a way to see your most used presets though.  You can change the sort order of algorithm list for example to sort your most used algorithms to the top of the list.

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      Cool that is good to know the most used can get sorted.

      And I can see how user tags is not an easy task but I feel like a favorite tag option would be easy to integrate.

      I definitely would love focus on a favorites page over custom tags to begin with

      I am not a programmer though.

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      I agree with requirement for favourites and also for tagging. The initial advice i was given was to save the presets that I liked. with 1600 algos which will grow so tagging/favourites are essential

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      Tags would be a good idea. 

      One workaround i use to achieve a similar effect is just to do a SAVE AS of your favourite preset / algorythms and rename them with your own prefix, like my Initials, at the begining of the original preset name. makes finding favourites via the search quite easy

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      Yea good suggestion

      I add my name too but I recommend appending at the end and save simultaneously to the USB.

      When restoring from USB to H9K (if you have to do factory reset for some reason which I did), you can’t see the full name so prefix pushes the name out making it harder to see full name

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      Yes ALG tag faves would help to get the most out of the machine for sure, yes scene presets is a workaround but not ideal.

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      A BPM /Tempo mode compatible TAG would be very helpful btw.

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