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      Just trying this out for the first time, and unless I'm doing something wrong (which I certainly could be) it seems very flaky.  I am using Reason 7 to send MIDI clock into a v4 Eclipse.  Sometimes it seems to track the tempo changes, and then it just stops– Particularly when slowing-down past 70 BPM or so (I'm watching the Tempo indicator in Setup).  I tried setting-up an EXT with a MIDI clock source, and it tracks things fine there; But not in the Setup > Tempo area.  Setting the tap source to the EXT following MIDI clock doesn't work any better.

      It should be sending fine from Reason and I've set the tap source to MIDICLOCK.  Is that all that has to happen here?



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      Eventide Staff

      You're not doing anything wrong – the Eclipse is. And, as you say, it tracks well as an EXT, but not on the tempo screen. This is the first I've heard of it – I'll put it on the bug list.

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      I report another issue with Eclipse MidiClock: I don't know why, but MF presets (921 ecc.) in my unit override incoming tempo with local tempo, resulting in a strange "forced LFO reset" effect. No problem here with main MidiClock, just remember to set TEMPO MODE: Global, otherwise bad things happen!

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      Fernando Ulibarri


      I want to add to the list here…

      Running Pro Tools HD 11.3 into a V4 Eclipse. Using OS 10.9.5 and a Roland UM-880 Midi Interface.

      Midi Clock works somewhat. If I switch my session tempo to anything around 100 and do a tempo change to something close to it, it works (takes like 2 measures to catch up).

      If however, I set a tempo to 40, and a tempo change to 60, the Eclipse ignores the change. I'm monitoring this on the setup page.

      If I use the big knob to change the tempo from what the Eclipse has to anything else, then it will snap to the session tempo. Seems to me like the slower tempos are buggy. Could this be my MIDI interface?

      Tap Source is set to MIDI Clock, The Eclipse is on AMS set to receive MIDI clock, and PT is sending clock to the Eclipse as well. Am I missing something?


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      Fernando Ulibarri


      Adding to the list.

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      I have the same problem with mid clock!Tempo being lower than 80bpm and double flashing Tempo light.

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