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      Guys and Gals,

      I just noticed that the TimeFactor algos in the H8000 aren't quite up to date to correspond with the latest software that is contained in the TF and MF pedals.

      In particular, the one thing I noticed was that the modulation on the vintage delay algo still only goes to 2.00 Hz. Eventide updated the modulation in the TF pedal so that it goes to (at least) 5.00 Hz, which is great.

      Could you guys please consider updating the TF and MF algos for the next H8000 OS release?

      One additional request: Please include the Shimmer algo from Space in the next release, too. 🙂

      Thanks in advance.


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      +1 for updated Factor presets on the H8000 (and all the Space ones too)

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      Eventide Staff

      The current H8000 release preceded the latest TF and MF releases, so does not have all their features. We will consider updating them in the future.

      Unlikely that H8000 will get Space algorithms very soon. It does have many of its own.

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      Can I just use VSig to go into the TF algos and increase the mod settings by increasing the max rate in one of the magenta knobs (hopefully I can figure out which is the rate one)? Or is there more to it than that?

      As for Space, it seems like it'd be a little odd to have a stomp box contain algos that the flagship model did not also have. Shrug. There is no exact equivalent to Shimmer in the H8000.



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      I agree it is difficult to get the classic Shimmer effect from the H8000 presets. 

      5710 "Angelic Echos" & 5721 "Crystal Worlds 2" with the reverb amount upped gets close, but nothing that seems to be as close as the Space Shimmer sound.

      And with my H8000FW being the most expensive thing I own (more than my car) I would hope that it could do at least what the lower end Eventide products do plus more. And while we are at it a fix to the MIDI sluggishness and a Mac OS X VSig editor would be amazing 🙂

Viewing 4 reply threads
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