TimeFactor presets for H8000 only processing Input 1 (mono input)

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      I have started playing with TimeFactor and ModFactor presets on my H8000FW. Lots of good and useful stuff here, thanks for having introducing this.

      I have one question regarding Time Factor presets: it seems they process only Input 1 and cannot process stereo input (1 and 2). Am I correct ? If so would it be possible to have Stereo Input processing (summed inputs or full stero process, I don't know how work the original TF).



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      Eventide Staff

      I think it will vary with the effect. Most of them are set up as mono in, stereo out.

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      Thanks for your quick answer.

      imho it would make sense to provide summed in for all presets, as it is the case with many other H8x presets.

      example: In my configuration I use 2 signal path to two guitar heads (using A/B/Y box) and  use one H8x dsp to process the 2 channels as a stereo signal on top of dry in parallel (processed signal goes in a pair of speakers, kind of wet/(dry+dry)/wet configuration ). Without summed in presets, when I play with head A path I have effect, with head B I have no effect, with A+B I have effect but only based on A input. I know I could use routing to do that but it would not be very flexible.

      Do you think summed in could be consider for 'mono' TF presets in a future release ? Let's say it is on my wish list 😉



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