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      I'm looking for something unique for today's time. While the bread and butter fx have a great place, I find myself wanting to experiment with new textures, and not just new chains of these fx.

      I've looked at Kyma, H8000, and TC Fireworx. I'm grabbing a H8000FW in 2 weeks. Does it offer more than great quality of the same old? Looking for great quality of the new : )

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      HI Entrainer

      3 main values have kept me ON Eventide Harmonizers for, pretty much, the last 16 years:
      -sound quality
      -platform specific creative tools
      -variety of effects

      Sound quality never hurts, right? Whatever is the final user task, having something that sounds good is definitely & consistently a plus.

      Creative Platform! Since the DSP4000 (but even in the H3000 Mod Factory algorithms) the platform is open. Using Vsigfile one can edit the existing algorithms structures or start from scratch to build new ones. Ove 250 modules in today software allows unimaginable structures, like chordal harmonizing of loops, complex textures that include ring_modulation, filtering, delays and shifters for pads, multiplex you can attach any variety of modules to get something very unusual (multiplying I/O interaction between inputs and outputs feedback paths), quad and 5.1 film textures……and on for hours. You'll find almost 2000 presets in there, way beyond the excellence of "working musician" top notch tools (the ones you mention). Wait until you have the box and you'll hear them. The presets Manual has explanations for each presets…helping out a bit….even though a sound is worth a million words.

      FX variety! Well…a consequence of a modular architecture, as you are able to mix & match audio, control and math modules..and include modulation aspect based on sycles (LFO), on clocks, on dynamics, on random events. So much stuff in there!

      I'm sure you'll enjoy your H8000FW..and you'll go nuts over it! Sounds like you are THE Vsig guy already.


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      Fantastic. Thanks for taking the time with a detailed response.

      I've read the programming manual and a bit about VSIG, so I see the great deal of flexibility in user programing. That is up my alley, as I'm familiar w/ programs like Kyma, Reaktor, and Nord Modular. Some of those programs go a bit deeper than I want to go, so Eventide H8000FW looks like the solution for my SFX needs. A combination of great existing algorithms and flexibility.

      Plus, I'm getting a fantastic deal on a new unit : )

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      ix studio

      its definately unique.I personally kind of sit in the same kind of seat as you , i found the H8000 has stunning reverbs and fx in generally but where it blows me away is in the modular nature of it and also the large spaces .It can tu8rna hi hat into a whole universe.I am just toying now with the idea of getting into creating some new patches using filters and randomisers and maybe trying some granular ideas but to be frank i am a chancer with Vsig – i take presets and add to them and tag presets onto presets etc .Its great fun – a pcm70 through a plate and then some pitch shifting and then an echo and then another reverb .Its a space machine and unique.

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      I can't wait. I think that's were I'm going to be for a few months- learning the presets and making minors adjustments within VSIG and routing. That's ultimately the way I learn a new synthesizer is by editing presets until I have a feel for what each module does.

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