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      John Baylies


      Dante Controller recognizes the Dante card EVT-H9K-04d262

      I downloaded the firmware file from

      DanteFirmwareUpdateManager auto-selects ‘en0’ as the network interface used as the primary Dante network, and I’m able to select the file, but the update manager fails to find matching devices. Screenshot attached. Why can’t the update manager find a matching device?



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      Eventide Staff

      Are you positive that en0 is the correct network interface? Are there any other options in the list to try?

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      John Baylies

      There were no other options to try, but I figured it out. I noticed that the card was visible in Dante Controller only when I was connected to WiFi, and not via Ethernet. Turns out I had to go to the ‘Configure Dante Interfaces in Unmanaged Mode’ preference page in Dante Controller and change the Primary Interface’s network from en1 to en0, and then DanteFirmwareUpdateManager found the device and updated it.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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