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      TRS condundrum solved…

      With a Digitech FS3X pedal (TIP, RNG and T+R)
      With T+R is set in AUX SW to the PSW function
      With a MF Algo (e.g. a CHORUS):

      1.  step and keep holding down the T+R, it displays BRAKE until you take yr foot off, it then displays the Preset again
      2.  tap quickly on the T+R, it toggles between SLOW and FAST, and the display changes accordingly

      Behaviour #1 does not toggle the Algo from SLOW to FAST, it only performs a BRAKE (i guess putting ‘Speed’ Knob to 0)
      (e.g. behaviour #1 does not trigger the same result of a behaviour #2)

      This suggests that Eventide H9s are capable of detecting 3 different messages from an AUX footswitch

      1.  Footswitch <ON>
      2.  Footswitch <NOT going OFF for a while>
      3.  Footswitch <OFF>

      With a FS3X chained up via MIDI to downstream H9s here’s what happens:

      • if H9-1 is a CHORUS and H9-2 is a CHORUS – they are both in ‘PSW Synch’ and behaviour #1 and #2 are same on each pedal
      • if H9-1 is a CHORUS and H9-2 is a DELAY – behaviour #2 triggers a RPT ON and…
        • …all subsequent behaviours #2 give a <h9-1 SLOW and h9-2 RPT ON> result – OK. BUT…
      • if you then do a behaviour #1 BRAKE the ‘PS Sync’ order flips round…
        • and all subsequent behaviours #2 give a <h9-1 SLOW and h9-2 RPT OFF> result

      So – depending on how you stomp the AUX sw, you can get 3 different behaviours.


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      So this came up previously, possibly via Eventide user Brock (who knows stuff and some), and here is the MIDI version

      H9 Hotswitch/Performance Switch via MIDI (acting inconsistent?)

      How the performance/middle switch works in different algorithms:
      TF: value 127 toggles between REPEAT on/off
      MF: value 127 brakes the modulation, fast switching between 127 and 0 toggles FAST/SLOW modulation
      PF: value 127 triggers FLEX on and value 0 triggers FLEX off
      SPACE/H9 algorithms: value 127 triggers HOTSWITCH on and value 0 triggers HOTSWITCH off

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