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      Hi all,

      For the life of me I can't find the MIDI CC's in the manual. I have a Livid controller running with Ableton Live.  I am able to configure the controller to tweak ableton however I can't determine a way to control say "west/dry" or LFO settings on the eclipse. 

      I can get the eclipse to recieve MIDI but I cannot get it to react to MIDI paramters for Wet/dry mix or LFO speeds or anything.  All I get is Bank and Map settings flash on the eclipse display.

      Give it a try. thanks

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      You need to access the Eclipse SETUP menu, tab to EXTERNAL, set ext1 to MIDI DOUBLE. Then set the CC number that corresponds to the controller. Then hold down the Hotkey or Parameter key you want to control until "modulate" appears, press the Hot Key for that, and set the control source to ext1. You can setup upto 16 external controllers. Also, make sure MIDI (SETUP) should be set to Omni. 

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