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      Hello I need  To know two things  Hmm

       1) If I have a Sound in mono like snar or kick And I want to keep it that way  mono !!!

       but put on it big rever Can I do it ? 

      " I know the h7600 is Stereo  "  But I thought that  If I connect it to the Analog port

      So all I have to just record only one side of the analog and Adjust the sound To this side ?

      or I'll have to make it stereo sound in the daw   And after that  to the h7600 and Then After it returns to daw I will need to Change it Back to mono ? Tongue Tied


       2)  And another thing i Not quite understand in the previous post 

       When I plug h7600 to my sound card Rme fireface 400 

      I will Need XLR  Balanced To PL Unbalanced


      XLR Balanced To PL Balanced

      "  I  know Rme Fireface 400 Can handle Balanced Unbalanced Line " 

       But I do not know what I need in the PL Side  Balanced  Unbalanced what do you recommend Confused 

      Please answer my questions patiently   Time

      Thank you , thank youthank you very much Big Smile


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      Eventide Staff

      1) Some effects are mono in, some are stereo in, and some are selectable. You should look at the Presets Manual to see which are which. In many cases (such as reverbs) you can go in mono and ignore one of the stereo outputs. Just try things out, and if they work for you, use them.  Don't worry too much about the stereo.

      2) Best to stay balanced when you have the choice.

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