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      keep reading about eclipse being one of the sources for Edge's shimmer effects but cant figure out how to do it… played with reverse crystals block but not sure that's the one as its a "reverse" effect…

      anyone got a patch they use? or some hints/ideas on what to do?

      Also, are there any places here/on the net for eclipse patch exchange?


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      I have not seen a preset on Eclipse that is similar to Shimmer, I am sure it could be done it you can build the effects up from scratch.

      Space does have a Shimmer algorithm, who knows …. it might get aded to the Eclipse at some stage…. would be cool if they added PitchFactor and Space presets to Eclipse like they did for Time and ModFactors.

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      +1 for adding PF & Space presets to Eclipse

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      +1 from me too-please

Viewing 3 reply threads
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