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      I recently got a used DSP7000 and am loving the sounds that come with it. Having looked through the presets though there seems to be nothing that does one of the best known Eventide Harmonizer effects – The shimmer effect that The Edge from U2 used on such albums as Joshua Tree.

      I believe it was invented by Brian Eno when producing the Joshua tree and can be summarised as:

      • The signal is split into dry and wet
      • The wet signal has delay applied
      • Each delay iteration is pitch shifted an octave higher up to 3 octaves
      • This is then fed into a large plate reverb
      • The wet / dry mix is controlled by an expression pedal

      I understand that the best approach is to create a VSIG preset to do this, but I am a complete Eventide Harmonizer noob and am not sure what to do. I have done some theoretical DSP at university so know the basics of sound processing, but have no experience in the VSIG editor or programming the DSP through the system itself.

      Does anyone have a VSIG preset that does the shimmer effect that they can send / upload? Or can someone please help explain this effect chain can be created in the DSP7000.


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      Hi Seb

      there are many presets you ca use to get the shimmer fx.

      Try these for a start:

      Bank 57 > 10 Angelc Echos/ 21 Crystal Worlds 2/ 28 Genesis II

      they may need further tweaking.

      all the best


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      Thanks for the info. I don't seem to have a bank 57! Am in the process of tracking down the right serial cable to bring it up to version 3 so will take a listen then, but if Crystal Worlds is anything like the PitchFactor Crystal setting it is not really what I am after.

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      if you have a DSP7000 you also have Bank 57 Shifters – Unusual. Always been there, even before V3.

      You should have V3 on your unit anyway as it turns the unit into a more powerful beast, adding many features.

      Crystals is a name for hi pitched octaves recirculated. The preset in the pedal has nothing to do w/the 7000. You'll be amazed!



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      I finally got my straight through serial cable and updated the software to version 3. It does appear that whoever had the unit before me must have deleted bank 57 as well as a load of other presets and banks.

      The Crystal effects do seem to be more like the sound I am after, but the pitch shifted sounds are a bit too defined, tweaking the amount of reverb seems to make it more like it. Thanks for the info.

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