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      So Eventide Ultraverb ( and a teeny few others are having performance issues in Pro Tools Ulimate).


      Mac Pro 7,1, 28core, 384GB ram, HDX3, Catalina.. 


      Under normal operation – the ultraverb plugin works totally fine – approx 3% core use per instance.  However,  if I click on the plugin to see the GUI – the CPU core spikes or a split second and sometimes ProTools will stall if it’s a bigger session.


      most every other 3rd party plugin I use does not cause this problem so is there something in the plugin graphics or specific to this AAX plugin that’s throwing it?  

      The AU version doesn’t have this hiccup in  Logic X.




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      Eventide Staff

      Hey, sorry to hear about the issue. It's not something we've encountered in house or heard reports of before.

      Can you first confirm that you are using the latest version of UltraReverb (and the other Eventide plugins)? https://www.eventideaudio.com/support/downloads

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