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      I've been trying to update my Eclipse from version 3 to the newest 4 version. I've been trying to do this with a CF card, and with a serial cable – so far I haven't succeeded..

      The problems are:

      -with the CF card I can't get the eclipse to accept the cards. The cards mentioned in the manual are no longer available, and when I bought the oldest/smallest card I could find (Kingston 4GB) the Eclipse wouldn't accept it.

      -with the serial cable; my PC (Sony Vaio) doesn't have a serial port, so I bought a USB->Serial adapter and a serial cable. When I try to run the update, a following message appears on my PC screen: "the serial port is faulty or used by another application" (mind you, I might not remember this message correctly word for word)

      What can I do?

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      Hi Aro

      cards *below* 2GB are still available…in the 512/1024 MB range. You should try with a Sandisk one.

      The USB to serial adapter requires you to configure the port used by Oupdate and its settings. This is usually done in he devices manager.

      Only other way is to purchase an OS update CFC directly from Eventide.

      all the best


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      Thanks for the reply.

      What do you mean by "configuring the port used by Oupdate"? I have installed drivers for the USB serial adapter and according to the device manager it's working properly. I have a Sony Vaio by the way.

      So can you tell me what excatly, what is it that  I'm supposed to do?


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