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       I have just seen that there is a Beta OS available for the Eclipse.

      I Can't seem to remember what is the procedure to do on the eclipse when you have copied the files on the card & boot the eclipse.

      I try to remember what is the key to press while booting. 

      It is not mentionned anymore on the site, unless i have not found it which is possible. 

      Nice site btw !



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       Hi Laurent

      thank you for pointing out the info is missing on the new website!

      We are still working on it, obviously ;-))

      The card updating procedure requires to press & hold the 1 key at power up.

       …as you have already found out!


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      Hi there !

      I also tried to update my Eclipse with the new OS. Problem is : I have a standard Compact Flash 2Gb card and the manual ask to download an utility called "Card upgrade" because the compact flash need to be specially encoded. Anyway I can't find this "Card upgrade" anywhere on the Eventide Website, do you know where I can get it ?? Thanks a lot !!!

      Julien, France

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       Hi Julien

      I advice you to not get 3.5 yet as it is incomplete. It's under beta and misses some functions.


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