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      Hello all, after years of deferred gratification I was finally able to join the Eventide club with a mint DSP4500.  I realize this is an older model (V.2.2) but I am hoping there would be someway, somehow to obtain the Ultrashifter V2.300 Upgrade kit for this baby.  There must be a way to blast a new set of EPROMS and a card for an old fan 🙂  I would even be willing to take a ride out to Tom’s River and buy lunch.  Please let me know… Thanks, Russ

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      Sorry – it's too old. The upgrade needs us to program a PCMCIA card that we cannot program, and a ROM whose code is uncertain.

      You might want to consider slightly newer models, such an Orville, or an H8000, both of which have Ultrashifter. The current model, H9000, does not have Ultrashifter.


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