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      Still being a big, slow and not very smart but happy newbe, I have a very simple question: I tried to connect the provided USB drive, formatted FAT32. But where does it appear? I searched everywhere in Emote and on the Internet, the only reference I found is that an “export” menu should appear…

      I take the opportunity to ask a more clever question: I’m starting to customise my session/preset: how do you organize yourself? For the moment I save sessions in a directory on my computer. The session-chain-preset part really shows everything, so it might quickly become a huge unmanageable thing. Is there any way to organize this? all tips are welcome.

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      Im hardly a power user but I’ll attempt to answer your questions.

      I dont think the drive “appears” in emote like it does in an OS browser window. I think as you go to perform functions regarding reading and writing from it, that’s where you work off of the drive.

      Sessions I save onto the H9000, I really dont save them to my computer. Same with algorithms and chains. You will probably find more manageability storing these things on your computer where you can make file folders to your liking. AFAIK the H9000 doesn’t provide for this kind of management. I have not really made any preset chains because I enjoy building them from a blank start. You can save and name chains though if you wish.

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      I’m pretty sure that you need to save things to the USB drive from the front panel of the H9000.  I don’t think you can save things from Emote on there.  Apart from algorithms, you can save any object from Emote to your local drive anyway.  Backups, updates and restores are done from the USB drive though.

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      Just to add a bit of info to the comments above:

      • You can only save user data to a USB drive using the front panel, this is not yet possible using Emote. Information about backing up and updating your H9000 via USB can be found here:
      • You can save your data to your computer from Emote using “Save” or “Save As”, or you can save it directly to the H9000 using “Save to H9000”. It’s up to you how you’d like to organize this data, I prefer saving everything to the H9000 to keep it all in one place, it is also easier to locate via Emote this way. There is plenty of storage space on the H9000 for this, I only save to the computer if I need to share a session or create a backup.


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      Thank you for these information.

      As a beginner I’m still looking for best practices. Indeed, I have just began to save things into the h9000 as I am now a bit less in “testing” phase.

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