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      Hi all!

      This is my first post here.

      To be honest i bought a used eclipse from a guy (in exchange with my tc Gsystem) that sold it with the 3.5 version. Does that mean that i cannot  benefit from the 4.0 version? (registration problems etc?)


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      Eventide Staff

      If the previous owner hasn't registered it, you can go ahead and register it yourself.

      If you can't register it because it is already registered, try asking him to "unregister" it. If you can't get in touch with him or he is unresponsive, contact

      Either way, if you are the valid current owner, you'll be able to get the new version. May just take a little correspondence.

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      Thank you for your quick answer nickrose!

      Great news. I was able to register it as in put the serial number (it didnt work at first because i wrote the "Q-" before the digits). The next step however is the date of purchase store and city. That's where im trying to contact him.. Hope im able to!

      Thanks again Smile

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      Hi Respira,

      SInce you purchased your Eclipse previously owned, merely stating "private sale or exchange" for where purchased, and the city and state as your own is sufficient. Precise information is encouraged when the an Eventide product is purchased new from an authorized Eventide dealer.


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      Thanks for the answer! i just tried doing that, but it is only after i do that, that it says: "invalid serial number". i thought it accepted it since it allowed me to move into the second page.

      I guess i should stop wasting your time especially on the forum since i guess this is a personal issue that others will not benefit from, and will contact support.

      thank you very much for your time!

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      Actually you are partially correct; yes you should contact support for a matter like this, but this brings up a very common experience we in Support have almost daily, and I believe it will make good to bring to the forum.

      -Customers will email Support when they receive an "Invalid serial number' message when attempting to register a previously owned product. 99% of the time it is because the previous owner has not unregistered it from his/her account. Here is what owners and buyers alike should do:

      1. If you are selling your Eventide product that is registered to you; please be mindful of the future owner and unregister it so that they can register it without issue.

      2. When purchasing a previously owned product, ask the person from whom you are buying from if they have it registered, and if they do, to unregister it so you can do so without issue. Sometimes the owner may have forgotten their account info, so usually Support will be contacted at this point to change accounts when both parties are involved; however what occurs most often is that the previous owner forgets about the registration and Eventide (as a courteosy) contacts the previous owner to confirm they no longer own the product in question.

      However for any questions or difficulties that may arise with any product registration, feel free to contact

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      found this very useful in my decision to buy a modfactor and timefactor used…thanks a lot!

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      With respect, this is madness.

      A huge number of products are sold second-hand via Craigslist and eBay. Contact is minimal and steps taken are almost always limited to the bare essentials i.e. buy, pay and ship.

      Asking the previous owner to un-jump through a set of hoops so that the new owner can jump through a second set is as time-consuming as it is unproductive and in many cases the prospect of an mostly-anonymous seller doing so in a timely fashion is a pipe dream.

      The objective here is to gain access to the software updates. If the user is taking the initiative to do so, why is he asked to navigate some Byzantine process? 99% of products in the music trade or in technology in general make software updates readily available.  Capturing sale data for marketing purposes may appeal to internal staff but to the user base it's simply red tape.

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