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      I just bought a soundcraft 6000 24162 console and i thought i could possibly use my 4 analog h8000fw outputs in addiction to the 16 lynx aurora outputs thus making full use of my da arsenal.

      Is it possible to still use all the firewire effect send/return funcionallity and add the 4 extra da conversion to my daw?I usually print the firewire effects return because i'm not that familiarized with the machine yet and i'm in a hurry.Sad

      Well,that would be great.

      Thanks in advance


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      Hi Rolando

      unfortunately you don't describe how many H8000 I/Os you are using and on which routing; I can't be very specific on my reply. But one thing may enlighten you. The H8000FW has several inputs (FW/Analog/AES/AES on breakout cable/S-Pdif/ADAT) but you should always remember that only 8 inputs are available at the same time, to feed the DSPs. The most important aspect of I/O setup is configuring the MAIN Inputs & the MAIN outputs…and they are 8.

      I suggest you familiarize more w/the user manual as the high versatility of this unit requires that, to fully use its potential.

      all the best


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      Thank you so much.

      I really need to study the manual.


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