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      First of all great job on V4!

      Slaving to midiclock is working in my setup now re loops/delay. Now I just need to figure out exactly how it resets the "One" of a LFO when updating tempo. I know it's in the manual p 37 but does "When you tap in a new tempo with the TAP key or start an external sequence…" mean that the eclipse actually takes a midi start command as start/reset for modulation LFOs and not just as a regular control message if assigned? Remember this is in a complete midiclock slave situation.

      The update on the pitch shifters are welcome too. They respond in a more musical way to me now and for me they sound better (in a post preamp guitar rig).

      Now for the algo questions marks.

      I have a hard time getting the fabulous new TF looper to change to all four modes for DubMode. I only seem to get a choice between BLEND and REPLACE and no sign of whether its in latch or punch mode. Just working directly on the record hotkey seem to give latch mode only for both BLEND and REPLACE. Algo manual p 95-96.

      Second, I'd really like to try out the ring mod (p 100 algo manual) in the mentioned "sync to pitch" mode but I can't seem to get it into that mode.

      I don't know if these are bugs or just me needing to read up some more so I thought I'd make a thread.

      Overall this update is truly great and the new presets are superuseful in my guitar painting. Things like auto swell, filtered pad, ring pong pad and resonantverb make me completely forget about time.



      PS. Don't know if this will be readable at all. Looks fishy on IE 6 but can't do anything about it.

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