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      Hi all!

      I'm just wondering if the new V4 will contain the imrpoved midiclock sync algorithm that the pitchfactor pedal alledgely will have?
      I see I'm not alone to wonder about the Eclipse's, and from what I read, MF and TF's inability to handle incoming midi clock in a useful enough way when running delay based loops. Or if you will, that it handles incoming clock in a too precise way.
      I'm fully aware that a pc derived clock is among the jittier but I've tried at least one far more reliable clock source (gordius lg) and while close, still no true cigar. Right now I have the eclipse as the clock master but that involves having to merge the clock signal and sending it back to my pedal board. Workable but not too practical.
      Hoping for v4.

      Per G

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      Eventide Staff

       V4 has much improved MIDIclock handling.

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      Alright, just what I wanted to hear!

      Waiting patientlySmile

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