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      Eventide is happy to announce the availability of V5.6 beta software for registered users – look on the H8000 support pages.


      This is essentially a maintenance release, adding support
      for OSX "Lion" and fixing a number of bugs. If you are not troubled
      by these bugs and do not use "Lion," you need not install this


      FireWire driver support for OSX 10.7 Lion™, in both 32
      and 64 bit versions.

      2)      Improved
      driver control panel.


      If using the H8000FW with a computer, the computer control
      panel may offer a 192kHz sampling rate option – this is not supported by the
      H8000FW and should not be used.

      Bugs Fixed:

      The TT numbers are reference numbers for our internal bug
      tracking database, and should be mentioned in any related support enquiries.

      1)      TT940
      Confusion between DSP bypass and wet/dry.

      If wet/dry is set to 100%, the effect it heard correctly. If
      then bypassed using DSP bypass and it's bypassed correctly. (clean) If the
      wet/dry is then adjusted with the effect bypassed it becomes un-bypassed. The
      bypass lights still blink as though bypass is still engaged.

      2)      TT963
      In some presets you cannot reach the second UI page for the first hotkey.

      In some presets (notably 4208 and 4510 but likely others) the
      parameter page under the first hotkey shows multiple pages, but does not let
      you access them by repeatedly pressing that hotkey.

      3)      TT964
      ADAT routing problem on H8000 and H8000A with V5.5

      With H8000 and H8000A running V5.5, no audio was passed until
      the routing was manually changed.

      4)      TT989
      Some presets cannot be saved

      If presets 879 "Ambiclouds 2" or 880
      "Vibropad" are saved as User presets, the saved presets cannot be
      reloaded, giving a "Can't Explain" error.

      5)      TT992
      Menu page missing when preset is on DSP B

      When preset 1720 "Piano sostenudo" is loaded in
      machine B, the 2nd page of the 2nd softkey (delays) cannot be accessed,
      although it is visible  when the same
      preset is loaded in machine A.

      See also http://forum.eventide.com/cs/forums/p/6760/29678.aspx

      http://forum.eventide.com/cs/forums/t/7289.aspx  and

      6)      TT995
      Preset 2120 is distorted.

      See http://forum.eventide.com/cs/forums/p/6760/29785.aspx

      7)      TT1120
      Crash when turning wheel in "Particle Accelerator"

      Load 631 "Particle Accelerator".  Hit [mtap]. Turn wheel. Crash !!!

      8)      TT1124
      Crash when remoting levels

      Hit [LEVELS] Hit [A/B] to select B Press and hold [SELECT] to
      remote gang .. Crash !!!

      9)      TT1155
      Setting second remote corrupts first

      See http://forum.eventide.com/cs/forums/p/7180/32125.aspx

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