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      Mark L

      I have configured IAs to external 4,5,6 &7 for control of the main Pitch, Delay, Mod & Reverb. I can see them switching on the screen but it takes 2 presses of each IA switch to switch the effect on and 2 more to switch it off, this then puts it out of sync with the IA switch function. I can control any other parameter  with the IAs with out any issues. I have done a clear set up and delete user presets to no avail.

      I am using a Liquid Foot Pro (which I have previously used with an Eclipse). Switches are set for stomp (latching) and are on the correct base+ channel and the only message being sent on the channels.

      On the Eclipse you can change the switch type it responds to but cannot find how to try that on the H8000A (running on 5.6).

      I will be grateful for any help.


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      Mark L

      Works with unlatched IAs 

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