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      trying to make music with the Vocoder preset6816 Voder 13, and have it connected with

      2 Inputs

      on the Input page you can hear the chord, i play on a keyboard

      then I want to play chord in the "chords" part with Midi too, but then only one

      tone comes out


      thanks hanneso

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      Was this problem resolved ? I also cannot get any sound out of the vocoder patches……

      I had high hopes for these…

      Jack Stark

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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry – not really clear what problem you have. A vocoder needs two inputs. What are your inputs and what is the result ?

      Also, what preset and what software version ?


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        I just received my H8000FW, shipped with 5.61. I tried all of the Vocoder presets, and only got an output from the “gravel voice” (or whatever it’s called), that output just sounded like digital noise. I am an engineer, and very familiar with vocoders. I had a microphone and synth from a mixer as L/R inputs, tried switching L and R channels, etc.. No vocoded output present. Other presets seem to work fine with the same inputs and levels (verbs, shifters, etc.). Do the vocoders require some signal threshold to function, I’m not dirving my inputs very hard….



        nickrose wrote:

        Sorry – not really clear what problem you have. A vocoder needs two inputs. What are your inputs and what is the result ?

        Also, what preset and what software version ?


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      Eventide Staff

      I would suggest that you set the levels so that the yellow leds light on louder signals. Not sure if this is the issue, but it is good practise.

      You also need to make sure that the "source" switch is set correcly.

      I'm assuming that you can see both signals on the 2 left hand meter columns. Make them yellow.


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      OK – I thought I had it kind of working before, so I spent some time with it today.

      First – as Nick mentioned – you need to crank up the input feeds for both instrument and voice.   I had them almost pegged to test it.

      Next – unplug the left output from the H8000FW and only use the right output (I’ll explain why in a minute).  Use something like a large loud string section for the instrument feed.

      Now play and talk – you should hear some vocoding going on.  If you can’t hear it by talking, try plosives like making a clicking or popping noise with your mouth while holding down a chord.


      What seems to be happening is that the vocoder presets are passing through the original signals and this overwhelms the vocoding effect that is mixed in with it.  By unplugging the instrument output, you have a shot at hearing the vocoding effect.


      Basically, I think the presets have a bug and/or the wrong ones are in the machine (the manual implies there are 96k versions of the vocoder presets, but they are not available in my machines).  A standard vocoder should not produce any output if only 1 input is used, yet these presets allow you to hear voice and instrument separately.  In addition, you really only need a mono output unless you want to provide some type of mega-mixer that allows a user to blend varying amounts of voice, instrument, and vocoded output and pan each of them.

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